ACE 72582 A-19 122 mm Soviet Heavy Gun m.1931/37

A-19 122 mm Soviet Heavy Gun m.1931/37 - Image 1
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122 mm gun wz. 1931/37 (A-19) is a Soviet 122 mm heavy field gun from the interwar period and World War II. The first prototypes of the weapon appeared in the early 1930s, and serial production continued in 1936-1946. The weight of the weapon in combat position reached 7,250 kilograms. The initial velocity of the shell from this gun was up to 806 m / s. The maximum range was about 20-21 kilometers.

122 mm gun wz. 1931/37 (A-19) was developed for the needs of the Red Army, and the design work on the new weapon was carried out in 1929-1932. The weapon entered service in 1936 under the designation A-19 model 1931. Interestingly, the new cannon took over the castle from the wz. 09/30 cal. 152 mm. In the course of operation, the new gun showed good ballistic properties, but required improvements. Fyodor F. Petrov was responsible for the modernization of the weapon, who decided to use a new handguard and a lock as well as other minor modernizations in the gun. In fact, a new gun was created, but it was decided to retain its designation (A-19) with the addition of mod 1937. The A-19 gun in both versions (mod.1931 and mod.1937) was widely used in combat during the German-Soviet war of 1941-1945 and was also successfully used as an anti-tank weapon. It is worth adding that the A-19S tank gun was developed based on this gun, with which the ISU-122 self-propelled guns were equipped. During the war, it was also used by the Polish People's Army. After 1945, the A-19 gun was exported to many countries of the Warsaw Pact and third world countries.

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